Digital center-piece

measuring system Centerpieces in points are of particular importance, in particular with regard to track safety. Regular inspections and repair measures in the centerpiece area are therefore mandatory. Usually only punctual test equipment is available for this purpose. However, in order to be able to make objective statements about the qualitative overall condition of the heart and its lying time, a holistic measurement is necessary.

This is exactly where the digital heart rate measuring device (HMG) comes into its own. The HMG determines the complete overflow geometry of turnout frog pieces in relation to a specified target profile. In addition, the flow geometry of the frog point is recorded. On the basis of the measurement data, not only the overall condition can be assessed, but also the quality of completed repair measures (eg build-up welding, reprofiling, centerpiece replacement, etc.) can be documented.


Digital, laser-assisted measuring system with automatic-continuous data acquisition
+ Derivation of exact specifications for the correction of the frog geometry + Holistic measurement and evaluation of the overflow geometry in the frog area + SOLL / IST comparison of the frog profile + Approval of the Deutsche Bahn (DB)


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