V&P MessReg CDM

Continuous track and switch measuring trolley

Practical, intelligent and efficient – for digital track and switch inspection MessReg CDM is the benchmark!

The globally tried and proven measuring system provides automatic continuous data capture with impressive levels of precision: Pre-defined measuring points are automatically detected and stored, and any tolerance infringements are colour-highlighted while the measurement is in progress. This means it takes just a few minutes to fully check a switch or a section of rail. Comments can be entered at any time, including indications of the track’s condition at specific positions. The measurement report is evaluated and outputted in digital form immediately after the measurement procedure.

Continuous measurement with MessReg CDM also provides comprehensive track documentation. Alongside the pre-defined measuring points, the track gauge and cant values are recorded automatically at 5 mm intervals.

The measuring system is rounded off by an all-weather computer notebook running a powerful software package. The software includes the actual data capture program, graphical data display and evaluation programs, and professional track and switches management functionality.

Note: MessReg CDM is the first and to date only continuously measuring switch inspection system approved by Deutsche Bahn.


Digital switch measuring system with automatic continuous data capture at 5 mm intervals
Automated evaluation of all relevant check parameters
Switches can be passed through and measured on both sides and without use of additional aids
Powerful “MPC” Outdoor Notebook with touch-screen
Complete software package, including data export to Excel
One-man setup and operation
DB-approved and compatible with DB’s IIS system


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