V&P MessReg PTP II

The new system standard for digital switch inspection

“MessReg” has been a byword for quality in digital switch inspection to DB standard for over 15 years. The MessReg PTP II is the third generation of the tried and proven equipment series, and sets new standards.

The core of the measuring system is the “MPCe”, a computerised display and operator control unit specially developed to meet track bed requirements. The powerful MPCe is highly ergonomic and efficient. And with useful additional functionality such as day-date, Bluetooth and a text editor it offers new features which its predecessor models – the “MessReg 2000” and “MessReg PTP” – were unable to provide.
Another key system benefit:

MessReg PTP II conforms to all the latest DB requirements and guidelines without restriction. It is compatible with the DB IIS system and is officially DB-approved.



Digital measurement point-by-point acc. to DB standard
Fast data capture at the press of a button
“MPCe” electronic display and operator control unit
Clear and understandable menu-guided measurement procedure
Display and evaluation of all check parameters:
– Tolerance exceedings are immediately displayed.
– Automatic specification of derived parameters.

Easy data exchange by SD card
Compatible with the MessProfi 3.x software program and the DB IIS system


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