V&P RM 150HR

Determination of Rail Vehicle Quality [QKw] Re-profiling of rails leads to characteristic machining features on the rail surface . These features, depending on the nature and extent of different effects, especially on the noise in the track. The quality of the rail surface is thus of substantial importance and at the same time an objective yardstick. For the uniform evaluation of the rail driving surface a quality characteristic [QKw] was developed and introduced. The metrological determination of the quality characteristic value is demanding, since even the smallest irregularities below the typical Riffel wavelengths of 10-30 mm must be taken into account.


Features +
Determination of the quality characteristic [QKw] in accordance with
prEN 13231-2: 2017 and DB RIL 824.8310
+ User approval by Deutsche Bahn (DB) + Highly accurate, digital recording of the rail surface @ 0.1 μm + 3-fold parallel scanning of the rail profile in a single operation + fully automatic measurement (~ 30 sec.) + simple, ergonomic operation


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