Amberg Rail VMS 1000

Proven measuring principle – optimized for track works

  • Long chord method
  • Combined survey of inner track geometry and absolute position in one run
  • Absolute track accuracy 1 mm
  • Correction data in real-time
  • Fully automatic control point measurement
  • Best survey performance
  • More than 80 % cost savings compared to traditional methods
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Twin-trolley mode: High performance for long track sections

  • 1st choice for measurements during track closures
  • Measuring performance up to 2500 m/h
  • Length of reference chord of up to 250 m
  • Measuring system GRP 1000 consisting of precision sensors for gauge, superelevation and distance, prism column and ruggedized notebook
  • Measuring system GRP TSC+ with precision sensors and tachymeter on automatic self-levelling tribrach
  • Extendable to two independent single trolley systems (for alternate operation in tripod mode)

Tripod mode: Greatest flexibility under demanding project conditions

  • Ideal for shorter track sections, e.g. turnouts, multi-track sections and projects with limited track access
  • Length of reference chord of up to 400 m
  • Measuring system GRP 1000
  • Tachymeter on tripod (optional with automatic self-levelling tribrach)
  • Flex-Stop-Function for immediate measurement interruption and track release
  • Upgradable with second measuring trolley at any time

Modular system design – optimized for toughest project conditions

  • Flexible system operation: twin-trolley mode or tripod mode
  • Modular system upgrading
  • Safe digital data handling – from measurement to final transfer of correction data
  • Easy handling, simple transportation
  • Flexible measuring mode
  • No geodetic skills required
  • LED-lighting for secure work at night

Amberg VMS 1000 – How it works


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