Leica Cyclone Classic

HDS Cyclone from Leica Geosystems is comprised of individual software modules which provide flexibility for point cloud users with an extensive set of options for 3D laser scanning in engineering, construction, surveying and other related projects.

Leica Cyclone allows users make the best use of back-site, traverse and resection features when used with the Leica ScanStation C10, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for as-built and topographic surveys. It also allows users to generate plant models with greater efficiency from laser scans.

Unique and Competent
Complete 3D point clouds provide authority and many advantages over other sources of geometric data. Leica Cyclone’s unique architecture creates the best environment for performance on laser scanning projects. Manage data effectively and easily within databases using Cyclone. Users can work concurrently on databases reducing the need to transmit or copy large point cloud data project files.

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Cyclone Register

This module provides the entire tool set for quickly and accurately aligning point clouds which are captured from varying scanning locations. Cyclone Register not only supports Leica HDS targets to geo-reference scan data but can also align point cloud areas which overlap, without the use of targets. This produces excellent registration alongside time and cost savings by reducing the need for extra target placements.

Cyclone Model

Enabling professionals to use point clouds directly, this extremely versatile and powerful module processes them in to objects ready for export in to CAD or other software applications. Cyclone Model includes the largest and most complete set of tools for accurately producing 3D model point clouds CAD meshes or geometry for surveying, engineering, architectural and construction applications.

Cyclone Survey

The Cyclone Virtual Surveyor function in this module allows surveyors to extract and coordinate relevant information from point cloud data. Dynamic tools support detailed topographic models with mesh decimation without decreasing file size or loosing geometric accuracy. This module is part of the Cyclone Model product and is ideal for surveyors.

Cyclone Importer

Some organisations prefer to use scanners from other manufacturers but wish to utilise and enjoy all the benefits and solutions Leica’s software brings. This module allows native point cloud formats to be directly imported from scanners by other manufacturers which include Faro, Optech and Riegl.

Cyclone Basic

Cyclone Basic operates phased-based and time-of-flight scanners by Leica Geosystems. Operators are able to administer scan target acquisitions, scan parameters, digital imaging, field quality assurance and more (assuming scanner capability). When used in the office this powerful module allows for navigating and viewing of 3D models and point clouds as well as measurement and mark-up. Cyclone Basic is an adaptable data exchange module which supports imports and exports from many different formats.

Cyclone Server

This very powerful module allows simultaneous use and access of 3D point cloud data sets and models by individual members of a workgroup. Cyclone Server creates an environment for joint design work on large complex projects which can ultimately and significantly reduce project time. This module supports ten ‘user’ connections simultaneously to the same data server through a network. The ‘users’ can be licensees of Cyclone Register, Model, Viewer, Survey or Cloudworx for AutoCAD.

Cyclone Publisher and Leica TruView

Web based sharing and viewing of point cloud data is possible with Cyclone Publisher. This means point cloud information can be assessed from anywhere in the world at any time. With the use of the FREE Leica TruView point cloud view users can view, pan and zoom in over point clouds intuitively.


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