Leica JetStream

Centralised point cloud project storage and access with ultra-high-speed rendering.

Leica JetStream provides state-of-the-art point cloud project performance and big data management for Leica CloudWorx users. JetStream overcomes the biggest challenges in productivity, ease-of use and scalability of ever increasingly large laser scan point cloud data inside of CAD systems.

JetStream’s technology innovations deliver a completely new experience for point clouds in CAD. The instant open, all-the-points, all-the-time, paradigm is a revolutionary leap forward in performance. It drives better comprehension, increased productivity and removes the frustration and confusion of previously available solutions.

JetStream’s streamlined project management completely insulates the CAD user from needing laser scanning expert knowledge. JetStream‘s centralised project storage simplifies and streamlines a team-work approach for unlimited sized workgroups.

Features and Benefits

  • File sizes 5x to 10x smaller than traditional storage
  • Instant loading and rendering of any sized project
  • Pan and Zoom show, all-the-points, all-the-time
  • Optimised bandwidth ensure fast network access
  • “Ease-of-use” design simplifies using point clouds
  • Centralised data storage and access removes duplication of data, simplifies back-ups and management, saves time and money
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Ultra-high-speed rendering, an entirely new experience for CloudWorx users

For starters, users will simply be amazed with the new ultra-high-speed rendering experience inside their favourite CloudWorx/CAD platform. Starting with loading and fully rendering and point cloud instantly, regardless of the size of the dataset, even billions of points load in an instant.

During every zoom or pan or clip action, the user experiences the reality of having all-the-points, all-the-time. This not only removes the frustration often experienced with waiting while the screen slowly fills with points, it greatly improves the comprehension of the scene and massively improves the user productivity.

Big data management that delivers on every front

The JetStream ProjectVault is designed from the ground up for user productivity. First having a centralised data storage location delivers obvious benefits in data management supporting access to a wide range of simultaneous client users with no need of wasteful, expensive and error peroneal data duplication.

Secondly, the greatly simplified project data structure improves and simplifies project access for every user every day with a new, single entry point for every project it reduces and searching or learning curve, user can just dive right in.

The new data compression capabilities of JetStream ProjectVault minimise the required storage space by a factor of 10x in some cases, lowering cost and reducing network traffic and bandwidth requirements significantly.

Finally, the centralised data storage approach also provides a long list of additional benefits such as data security, where user access can be easily controlled and the benefits to the IT organisation with simplified data back-up and management.


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