Leica Cyclone FIELD 360


As part of the Leica Geosystems Reality Capture 360 solution, the high- performance Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile-device app is the perfect field companion for the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner. With its intuitive user interface, remote scanner control and on-site point cloud display, navigation is a breeze – even for novice users – with full imagery and point cloud data delivered directly to your tablet using edge computing technology.


Direct data access and visualisation are the foundation for quality control in the field; with Cyclone FIELD 360, automatically pre-registered point cloud data enables users to quickly conduct on-site quality control checks, improves productivity and makes for better- informed decisions in the field.


For improved registration in Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 post-processing, and to add extra value and information to 3D data, Cyclone FIELD 360 enables on-site tagging of measurements, videos, images, text or voice files to the point cloud geometry simply by using your tablet.


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Auto-aligned point clouds in 2D view mode.

360° view of point cloud.

Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 Product Specifications
OS or Android app In-the-field app for remote scanner control, data management, quality control, data tagging and automatic pre-registration on-site
Remote scanner control with access to all control features
Create, edit and delete scan jobs
Communication Bi-directional wireless communication between scanner and tablet
Transfer Automatic transfer of scan data from scanner to tablet; automatic synchronisation of all app created data from tablet to scanner
Point cloud navigation Navigate single and registered point clouds in 2D map view, 360° panoramic view or in full 3D view
Point cloud display Display point clouds in full HDR colour, rainbow intensity or grey-scale mapping
Measurement Take and tag measurements within the point cloud
Add image, video, voice, text or any other file-based tags to point cloud
Auto alignment Visual Inertial System (VIS) technology based automated alignment of scan setups for targetless cloud-to-cloud registration
Visual alignment Move and rotate scan setups for a quick visual alignment for cloud-to-cloud registration
Sensor hardware Leica RTC360 laser scanner
Cyclone software Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 1.5 or higher, requires active REGISTER 360 license for activation
Platform Android tablet computer running on Android 6.0 or higher, e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Apple iPad tablet computer running on iOS 11.1 or higher, e.g. iPad Pro with 10.5“ screen


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