Survey CAD technicians can create topographic maps accurately from detailed point cloud data using the breakthrough software, Leica Cyclone II Topo.

The Next Generation
Take complete advantage of all the benefits of High-Definition-Surveying (HDS) with this next generation of software. This impressive software, Cyclone II TOPO is a huge leap forward in the process of viewing and 3D navigation of point clouds.

Easy to use
CAD technician’s don’t have to be laser scanning or 3D specialists to create maps from point cloud information. Map creation is accurate, fast and all without a long learning curve. Leica Geosystems has combined the familiarity of typical CAD tech 2D mapping terminology and tools with extensive point cloud software innovations.

Easy, Fast and Accurate

  • Automatically locates ground points within the point cloud, finds holes, finds boundary, and also generates a mesh from the ground cloud.
  • Typical 2D plans or familiar perspective views on the work area.
  • Auxiliary views for smartPick which provides the highest, lowest, edge, closest, flowline, ground and line tripe points.
  • Flow a line within cross sectioning